Customers FAQs

I need truck insurance for up to 4 vehicles

To find out more please visit our page for insuring up-to 4 vehicles.

I need truck insurance for 5+ vehicles

To find out more please visit our page for insuring up-to 5+ vehicles.

Can I get a truck insurance quote online?

The simple answer is no.

Our expert staff need a clear understanding of your business and your insurance needs so they can recommend the right cover at a competitive price.

Call us today on 01242 544544, or if you prefer us to call you, you can use our get a quote facility to request a call back. We’ll contact you to find out more, and provide you with a tailored, competitive quote.

I work in a specialist sector (quarry/courier) – can you help?

Yes, click here to discover more about our specialist insurances. We’ll be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

What are the advantages of buying my insurance from a transport insurance specialist?

As a family firm with over 40 years’ experience of the transport industry – including work with some of the country’s leading haulage and own goods carriers – we understand the business you’re in, and can recommend competitively priced cover that’s tailored to your needs.

  • We work closely with our clients to keep their premiums down and help them manage their overall costs.
  • We know the true cost of claims isn’t just the accident – it’s the time your business is off the road as a result. We’re dedicated to keeping our clients moving.
  • We understand the rules, regulations and pressures surrounding the haulage industry and can help you manage and mitigate the risks involved.
  • Got a business that’s a little different? We like a challenge. We cover everything from tippers to the carriage of llamas.
  • We understand the need for personal contact, and are happy to visit you at a convenient location – whether that’s your yard, home or business premises.
  • We hope you’ll never have to claim on your policy, but should you be involved in an accident or incident, our dedicated claims team will take care of everything for you. See How to report a claim.

I’m setting up my own transport business with just one vehicle. What insurance do I need to get started?

Just as your new company will be unique, when it comes to transport insurance, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our insurance cover is tailored to your needs, including the type of work you’ll be doing, the type of vehicle or vehicles you plan to operate, the type of goods you’re going to be carrying, and whether or not you intend to employ other drivers.

We’ve developed a guide for new businesses that’ll help you consider everything you need. Once you’re ready to insure your vehicle, call our friendly, experienced staff on 01242 544544 and we’ll talk you through your options.

How long does it take to get a quotation and arrange cover?

It depends on the nature of your enquiry, and what you need to insure. We can usually provide quotations for operators of up to four vehicles immediately, or the same day. Quotations for fleets of five or more vehicles take a little longer, as we need to contact our fleet markets for the most competitive prices.

If you’re happy to proceed then we can provide immediate cover.

Why are your premiums so much lower than those offered by my existing insurance company?

The size and specialist nature of our business enables us to negotiate exclusive rates and covers with insurers – we then pass these savings on to our clients. We only deal with major UK insurers that offer wide levels of cover, and we never compromise on cover when it comes to finding you the best deal.

What happens if I have an accident outside normal office hours?

Your policy wording contains all the contact numbers you need if you have to make a claim. These are also listed on this site – see How to report a claim.

Does my policy cover me for a hire vehicle following an accident?

Unlike many private car insurance policies, commercial vehicle policies don’t provide a hire vehicle in the event of an accident. If you’re involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, you may be able to recover the costs of hiring a vehicle, but this isn’t guaranteed.

To minimise the impact of losing a vehicle following an accident, we recommend loss of use cover. Our exclusive AXA goods in transit and combined liability policy automatically provides up to £100 cover a week, which can be scaled up to meet your requirements.

I’m planning on travelling abroad. Do I need to change my insurance cover?

Strictly speaking, if you’re travelling within the EU, you don’t need a green card.

As the UK is part of the European Union, motor insurers automatically provide cover within EU member countries. However, this cover only meets the minimum requirements of the country you’re in, and therefore any damage caused by an accident, fire or theft – even a damaged windscreen – will NOT be covered.

A foreign use extension cover you receive in the UK, while travelling abroad, so you receive a much wider level of cover. You will also need to alter your goods in transit insurance to include European CMR cover.

How much goods in transit (GIT) insurance do I need?

Your goods in transit insurance must cover the extent of your financial liability to your customer – in other words, the amount you would need to repay in the event of a loss.

GIT often covers the full value of the goods carried – known as ‘all risks’ or ‘full responsibility’ – and is often arranged by carriers of lower value goods, such as quarry materials and construction materials, as well as specialist carriers of high value goods such as plant, machinery, cars, boats, and portable buildings.

The alternative is to adopt conditions of carriage such as those set out by the RHA (Road Haulage Association) or FTA (Freight Transport Association). These restrict your financial responsibility to your customer to an agreed amount per tonne, and protect you from unknowingly being underinsured. This option is used by most carriers of general goods within the UK.

If goods are being transported internationally – even if you’re only involved in the UK leg of the journey – you will need CMR cover.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers legal liability for any injury or damage to public property that arises from an accident in the course of your business activities, that isn’t covered by your motor policy.

Cover also includes liability for goods sold or supplied – this is known as product liability. Liability arising from goods carried on the vehicle is generally covered by your motor insurance.

Do I also need employers’ liability insurance?

This insurance covers your legal liability as an employer for any injury to your employees that arises out of – and in the course of – their employment. Basic cover applies to casual employees only. If you employ part-time or full-time staff you will need to extend your cover to apply to these employees, too.

Can I pay for my insurance in instalments?

Yes! We offer various instalment options, all with competitive rates allowing you to spread the cost of your insurance premiums. We typically require a 10% deposit followed by 10 direct debit payments over the first 10 months of your policy.

How do the recent changes to driving licence law affect my business?

Since 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart issued with a photo-card driving licence is no longer valid, and won’t be issued or updated.

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring your employees have the licence they need to operate company vehicles. Because you can no longer check the paper licence, you’ll need to use the government’s new online service, which enables you to check driving licence data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Full details of the service are available here.

You can use the service to check:

  • That your employee holds a full driving licence for the type of vehicle they will be operating
  • That the licence is valid, accurate, and up to date
  • Whether they are still within their two-year probationary period
  • Whether they have any penalty points or disqualification on their licence