Be Brexit Ready!


As the British Insurance Brokers’ Association’s (BIBA’s) motor fleet, haulage and transportation scheme provider, Ratcliffes was asked to provide some views for  the August issue of BIBA’s magazine ‘The Broker’ on how the transport insurance sector and its clients can prepare for a ‘no deal’ Brexit.  Whilst the Brexit deadline has now changed to 31st January 2020, the advice remains the same. This is what we said…


Insurance professionals and logistics providers operating overseas need to be fully aware of the complexities and requirements should a “no deal” Brexit scenario become reality says Ratcliffes .

Since 28 March 2019 all UK trailers over 750Kgs being used abroad must be registered with the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) and are given a “registration number” for display on the trailer on bespoke registration plates. Registration documentation for each trailer has to be kept with the trailer at all times.

While Green Cards for foreign use are not currently required it is possible, in the event of “no deal”, that both the motive unit and the trailer would need their own Green Cards with the relevant details and their specific registration numbers. Brokers might want to consider providing annual Green Cards now, for all their clients’ vehicles and trailers which could be taken abroad. This might avoid any problems obtaining documentation from their insurers nearer the deadline date.

A number of the composite haulage insurers now have dedicated teams to provide this documentation in the run up to the deadline date and Green Cards can often be ordered online by providing the full client details along with the relevant vehicle and trailer registration numbers.

Another documentation issue is the requirement for drivers to have International Driving Permits (IDP) while driving abroad. Some EU countries have confirmed that the IDP will not be required while driving through their countries, but others namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden have stated that drivers who hold a UK photo licence will also require an IDP to drive in their country.

Drivers should also ensure that there is at least six months validity on their passports after the 31 October deadline to avoid problems with the relevant EU authorities.

These requirements may well change prior to the approaching deadline. Brokers would be well-advised to be vigilant to ensure clients know their responsibilities and documentation requirements in the run up to “B” day!

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