Health and safety at work

It can feel at times like we live in a world gone Health and Safety mad. But the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is there for a good reason and that is to keep us all safe.

In the UK alone there are over 5000 workplace accidents a year. In transport many of these injuries are as a result from people falling from vehicles, being struck or crushed by them.

Employers have a legal duty of care to ensure that the health and safety of their Employees is not put at risk as a result of work related activities. This applies to both their employees and members of the public.

HSE have produced a useful brief guide called `Workplace Transport Safety- A Brief Guide. This includes on-site safety and;

  • Traffic routes
  • Visibility / lighting
  • Speed
  • Signs / signals / markings
  • Parking / reversing / signalling
  • Coupling / uncoupling
  • Loading / unloading
  • Sheeting
  • Tipping
  • Operating a safe vehicle / vehicle maintenance
  • Driver competence and training.

You can download a copy  here.

Public and Employers Liability Insurance – Insurer Requirements

Insurance companies require the policyholder and any other directors or partners to;

  • Be aware of the Health and Safety at Work Act requirements
  • Complete workplace risk assessments where required
  • Communicate such risk assessments to employees in writing and obtain written acknowledgement

The Employers Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)

The insurance industry has introduced The ELTO service. This makes it easier to search for Employers Liability insurance policies by using a central database. The Employers Reference Number (ERN) may also be referred to as the Employer PAYE Reference.

When arranging a new Employers Liability policy this reference may be required. It allows insurers to comply with ELTO obligations. Where you you have employees and they are on your wages role then you will need an ERN or Employer PAYE reference number from H M Revenue and Customs.