It’s official; the British summer is here.


With temperatures rising, it is just as important to pay attention to the dangers of driving in the summer as it is in the winter. Therefore some advice for truckers during a heatwave;

Do not forget the suncream. Especially when it comes ‘Truckers Arm’ that awkward tan line where you know the driver has had the window down and just the arm has been exposed to dangerous sun rays. It may seem amusing, but this poses serious risks. Slap on the suncream, wear long sleeves or fit window covers. All this helps in protecting yourself.

Stay alert and be vigilant. Its summer, so expect more people on the road from caravan drivers to families going on holiday. Being prepared prevents accidents.

Keep hydrated – As a professional driver, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to an unhealthy one. When it comes to the summer months drinking water is essential. It ensures that the body’s system is properly hydrated, in order for it to be able to function at its full potential. Drinking more whilst on the road and having to stop for breaks that are more frequent may feel inconvenient, however it could save lives.

Before starting your journey, check your tyres and brakes –This should form part of your daily routine. It is not unusual for tyre blowouts to occur when the weather is hot.

Changeable weather – The British weather is unpredictable, (just ask Michael Fish!). It is not a surprise that in the UK we can experience all four season in one day. Be prepared for sudden downpours of rain and hail and the effect this could have on routes and journey times.

Roadworks & maintenance –Maintenance of motorways and road works are undertaken more often than not whilst the school holidays are taking place. It is during these ‘quieter’ summer months, that you will find more cones than usual out on motorways and roads.  There are plenty of apps and sites that keep drivers posted of potential delays. Stay ahead of what is happening on the roads so that you can pre-plan routes and avoid traffic and congestion.

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