Truckfest 2017… We are half way there…


We are halfway through Truckfest 2017; so far it has proven to be a big hit. This annual pilgrimage gathers the truck drivers and hauliers from around the country to meet up, relax and enjoy some fine fleets and trucks.

As proud sponsors of Truckfest for over 15 years, we have found that each year it gets bigger and better. Truckfest has become a highlight of the haulage industry calendar.

This year we sent our recently appointed Commercial Manager Ewan Watson to Truckfest. As our roving reporter we asked him to share his first experience of the show;

Greeted with Bright Blue Skies

With clear blue skies and the sun shining, I knew I should have packed more sun cream. I was reminded of ‘Truckers Arms’ and a medical awareness raising campaign for truckers to get screened for skin cancer.

I persuaded my daughter to join me with the prospect of ice cream, dodgems, and the essential fidget spinners to spend money on. It wasn’t difficult to motivate my 7-year-old to come and look at the trucks.

She was highly impressed with big bright shiny HGVs. Some owners were on “clean and polish” mode – seeing an opportunity she volunteered to help one couple clean the cab. This was greeted with a wry smile and confirmation that she could indeed go and sit in the driving seat. One happy child.

I was surprised to see so many beautiful bespoke printed clad trucks; they were so varied, anything from Top Gear to Frozen. When my daughter saw an Olaf the same size as her and dwarfed by the other characters from Frozen she was hooked – by the time we got to Guardians of the Galaxy she had (temporarily) forgotten about the fidget spinners.

There were a number of interesting conversations, mostly around issues in the industry. It has been a tough few years for haulage with problems in Calais, driver recruitment shortages and a hike in insurances.

A number of people mentioned the manufacturers’ cartel. Five manufacturers set up an illegal price fixing cartel; as a result, anyone who bought one or more vehicles 6 tonnes and over between 1997 and 2011 could be due compensation. If you want more information on visit our website or email

Truckfest is the perfect opportunity for a community of people to gather in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a great day out. It was clear that these events are not only for those who are enthusiastic and passionate about all things trucks, just ask my daughter.

Looking forward to the next one… let’s hope the great British weather holds up!