HGV making a claim


It’s a scenario that will be familiar to many a HGV driver – you’ve just left your Operating Centre yard on a Monday for a week of haulage work all over the country and 20 minutes in a car tries to undertake you on a roundabout. You exchange details but...

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GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance


It’s been nearly three years since the rules for selling GAP insurance from dealers changed. GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance has been a staple additional product for motor dealers for many years. In its most basic terms, the policy exists to plug any “gap” between the outstanding finance on a...

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Conference season is upon us


These days there is a myriad of conferences, business shows and trade events that a company could attend. It appears that spring is the season to gather and to network. With so much choice how do you decide where to go and justify why attendance is necessary? Being active in...

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Cyber threat to Haulage Sector


Cyber security has become increasingly relevant to the haulage sector, an issue that can no longer be overlooked. There appears to be a lack of understanding of how effective cyber security strategies apply to transport and logistics businesses. Cyber security is the protection of computer systems from theft and damage...

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A Siberian winter blasting across the UK


This year is certainly proving to be a challenge. A Siberian winter blasting across the UK and Europe bringing temperatures plummeting with the likelihood of even more snow and ice on the way! Weather conditions could deteriorate suddenly, so ensure your vehicle does not have any underlying mechanical issues and...

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Don’t say no to D&O


A common misconception and question Directors of a start-up or a small company ask us is, does a company really need Directors and Officers insurance? Especially when as it is perceived to be too expensive to consider, on top of all the other company insurance costs. Yes is the answer, we...

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Not all haulage insurance providers are the same


There are horror stories regarding Commercial Vehicles at almost every turn. The human cost following incidents involving Lorries in the last 12 months has been appalling as well as the negative impact on their reputation. Equally, the notoriety of the courier industry – the archetypal White Van Man ignoring every...

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Preparing for Winter


As winter approaches road conditions across the country can become dangerous. We share some steps to help prepare your vehicles and keep you safe. Vehicle maintenance is vital Battery - cold weather has a tendency to lower battery power Check that the radiator is topped up with anti-freeze, make sure...

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Summer of fun


Inspiring our employees to take part in events and initiatives that support and encourage bonds with local communities has been part of the Ratcliffe way since the beginning. It is a privilege to take an interest in wider social issues. Our commitment to helping the community and the world around...

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