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In today’s interconnected world, businesses of all sizes face an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. From data breaches and ransomware attacks to phishing scams and insider threats, the digital age presents unprecedented challenges to the security and privacy of sensitive information.

That’s where Cyber Liability Insurance comes in. This cover offers an extensive array of protections, encompassing data security breaches, business interruptions, resilience enhancements, and network security measures.

These provisions are designed to support you when your information security protocols encounter setbacks—whether stemming from a phishing attack, inadvertent data disclosure, or a ransom request.

Organisational Assets:

Breach Response: This includes access to forensic experts and legal guidance, swift notification of affected customers, and provisions for offering credit or identity fraud monitoring services.

Data, Website, and Software Damage: We provide coverage for losses resulting from damage to data, websites, and software caused by cyber incidents.

Loss of Revenue: In the event of a malicious attack, extortion attempt, or data breach on your IT systems or outsourced IT/data provider, our policy safeguards against the financial repercussions of revenue loss.

Mitigating Revenue Reduction: Additional expenses incurred to minimise revenue reduction, such as hiring extra staff or acquiring necessary equipment, are also covered.

Extortion: Our policy assists with recovery costs or ransom payments should your business be targeted by hackers who threaten to expose sensitive data until a ransom is paid.

Customer Notification Costs: We cover the costs associated with notifying customers about a data breach.

Losses Due to External Hacks: Coverage extends to financial losses incurred due to external hacks into your IT network or Social Engineering fraud.

Unauthorised Telephone Charges: Costs stemming from unauthorised telephone calls and charges made by external hackers are included.

Data Protection Regulation Breaches: Where legally insurable, we offer protection against breaches of Data Protection Regulation, encompassing defense costs and regulatory fines.

Coverage for Third Party Liabilities:

Compensation and Defense Costs: Should a claim arise against your business for negligently transmitting a virus, data privacy breaches, or financial losses due to the loss, disclosure, or destruction of third-party confidential commercial information, our policy covers compensation and defense costs.

Payment Card Industry Non-Compliance: Costs resulting from non-compliance with payment card industry data security standards are covered, including fines, charges, and recertification costs.

Multimedia Liability: Coverage includes instances of copyright or trademark infringement through online media use, as well as defamatory comments made online. This extends to costs incurred in removing online content to prevent claims.


Acts of Terrorism: Acts of terrorism are excluded, but cyber terrorism remains covered.

Employee Fraud/Dishonesty: Losses stemming from employee fraud or dishonesty are not covered.

Internet/Utility/Telecom Failure: Losses due to the failure of internet services, utilities, or telecommunications are excluded.

Professional Errors and Omissions: Errors or omissions in professional advice or services are not covered.

Intercompany Claims: Proceedings or claims brought by subsidiaries, parents, or associate companies are excluded.

Intellectual Property: Losses related to misappropriation of trade secrets, intellectual property royalties, or license fees are not covered.

Fines and Statutory Payments: Any fines, regulatory or statutory payments, or criminal prosecutions are excluded unless legally insurable.

Please refer to the policy wording for a comprehensive list of exclusions. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we’re here to ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your coverage.

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Cyber Liability Insurance offers extensive protections, encompassing data security breaches, business interruptions, resilience enhancements, & network security measures.

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