Not all haulage insurance providers are the same


There are horror stories regarding Commercial Vehicles at almost every turn. The human cost following incidents involving Lorries in the last 12 months has been appalling as well as the negative impact on their reputation.

Equally, the notoriety of the courier industry – the archetypal White Van Man ignoring every bit of road legislation to make sure the multitude of drops are made in the day – pervades social consciousness and stigmatises a difficult and hard-working profession.

It’s a natural progression that, with each headline-grabbing incident and reputational slur, the insurance market views the haulage and parcel industries with ever more suspicion and microscopic interrogation of the balance sheet.

The only carriers bucking this trend are the non-UK non-FCA regulated capacity, who at times, appear to make their premiums up as they go along. Whilst this is undoubtedly attractive to a broker looking to place business in the short term, the demise of Gibraltar-based Enterprise and concerns about other non-UK domiciled insurers will always give a broker of integrity cause to look for alternatives.

M R Ratcliffe Consultants Ltd alleviates these concerns by accessing a panel of UK insurers, all with a Standard & Poor’s rating. With over 40 years’ experience in the Haulage and Transport industries, we are a proven provider with knowledgeable and dedicated Sales and Servicing teams.

Our markets allow the placing of Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Hire & Reward (Haulage, Couriers) and Own Goods, from Vans to Articulated Lorries. We also offer the full range of associated cover – Goods in Transit, Employers & Public Liability, Legal Expenses, Personal Accident & Sickness, Excess Reimbursement and much more – all payable via a handy instalments option.

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