How to report a claim

Insurance is something you have hoping that you’ll never have to use it – but accidents do happen.

There are two ways you can report a claim;

DIRECT REPORTING TO YOUR INSURERS, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please see below for contact numbers they can also be found in your policy booklet.

Alternatively use our NEW CLAIMS APP

This is a free download from the android playstore & itunes store and reports directly to us. For more information about the App please click here.

It’s really important to report the incident as quickly as possible as speedier reporting means speedier authorisation of repairs to your vehicle. Also the quicker insurers are aware of a claim, the better position they are in to defend a claim and mitigate costs which ultimately helps in keeping your insurance costs down.

Remember that we are always here to help should you need us whether it is about a claim, changes to your policy covers or advice.

Direct reporting to your insurers;

Insurer Type of claim Contact
Allianz All claims 03706064912
Aviva All claims 0800 246 876
AXA Haulage Assistance Services All motor claims including breakdown 08003898253
AXA Goods in transit 0345 600 2716
Public liability
Employer’s liability
0345 600 2716
XL Catlin All claims 0800 066 5364
Century Motor claims 0330 1593887
Direct Commercial Motor claims 01245 678345
ERS All claims 0330 123 5991


If you need further advice you can contact a member of our claims team.

Operators   Ratcliffe Contacts Tel.
Owner Operators & Fleets  Sara Bloxsome 01242 544507

If you’re involved in an accident…

Try not to worry you’re in good hands.

Inform the police

Call the police to record the accident, they will advise you if they need to attend the incident.

Obtain third party details

Make a note of the following in a safe place:

  • Driver’s name, address and telephone number
  • Vehicle owner’s name and address (if the vehicle involved is company owned)
  • Vehicle details, including the make, model, colour and registration number
  • Use your phone to take photos
  • Use your phone to take video footage.